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Heart Video Machine

Let’s hack Valentine’s Day, shall we Members? Instead of giving a bag of carcinogenic candies or butchered, mass-produced cut flowers, or a piece of pulp harvested by Hallmark and imprinted with pithy tripe, why not go the route untrammeled by corporate dividends created from mass guilt-induced consumption and just wish something for your beloved? Though such a gift is easy enough to create, it’s best that it’s well thought out. Here’s an example: On this, the Valentine’s Day of the year Two Thousand and Eighteen, I wish for you an experience that turns your heart into one thousand blue morpho butterflies swirling in an uninterrupted flight pattern until they find Aphrodite and alight in her hair in the illuminated cast of a magic crepuscular dawn. See? You’re a poet this week members, so get musing.

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