Today, you are a member of … Happy New Year!


You know what Ronnie James Dio did for rainbows, Members? He made them metal. Not an easy task considering the pseudochristian manufactured hallmark sap that gets loaded on to said badass meteorological wonders. And you know what Siouxsie Sioux did for punk rock? She made it weird and lyrical. No small feat considering the swinging dicks that had no interest in the power of enchantment. And therein lies your 2017 mission. Not saying we are back in the 1980s – the rainbows we now need to make surfeit and structural through means most inventive would still be considered unthinkable to the plutocratic minds of the proto-alt, shoulder-padded, reaganauts warping that decade. But in the next 365 days you’d do righteous to get your game on, get your flame on, and become hybrid and ungenre’d in the service of all that is badass and enchanting. Yes, Members, it’s time to bid farewell to 2016, the year of WYSIWYG – maybe not the most favorite year of many, but not a year without its merits – and make the migration to 2017. Burn bright, Members.

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