Today, you are a member of… Holiday Galore

Sure, Members, this is the week of virgin births and avatar manger babies, but let’s face it: fiction has a right many interesting characters, so no need to rely solely on the most popular myth topping the tree. Instead of god galore or shopping galore or food galore or red suited fatman galore, why not kick in the holiday spirit like a Cement Mixer and make your angel that most redeemed of villianesses: Pussy Galore. Sure, she’s no saint, but she is the oldest ever Bond Girl (36) and she is the namesake for punk rockers who dial M for Motherfucker, so no one will turn you away from the inn – at least, not without paying for it. You’ll save Fort Knox and look fabulous in Cha-Cha heels and prove to all candy-asses out there that angels with dirty faces are the best gift of all.

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