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Did you know, Members, that we are living in a fantastically mathematical and scientific epoch that started on January 1, 1970?  It’s call the Unix Epoch. The Unix Epoch begins with the 00:00:00 UTC moment of time_t existence or the zero-second point in our Unix-encoded lives. Seconds in the Unix Epoch are crunched up into units where days are approximately 86400 seconds long. Then you multiply that number by the number of days since January 1, 1070.  And then you represent said number is some sort of bit-form signed integer. This number is unreadable by your Garfield calendar, but maaaan, command lines love it.  Of course, the organizational shifts that make up the idiosyncrasies of human history (the UTC didn’t exist in 1970) and the pi-like imperfection of Gregorian calendar time (leap years) make the exactitude of this epochal origin questionable. Such is usually the case with origin stories.  But the great thing about mathematics and science is, you can always identify and measure and correct any inaccuracies with more mathematics and science. So this week, dig deep into the way your seconds are encoded and know that whatever obstacles you run into are also floating in the same abstract, numeric infinity.

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