Today, you are a member of … In the Abstract

Kandinsky's A Floating Figure, 1942

In the abstract, Members, books are just rectangles with hieroglyphs, music defies representation, and colors are language. This week, why not counter the ideologues with an off-draw of well thought out floating signifiers to have ready when needed. Some examples: “Be honest and love all your neighbors, Be obsequious, purple, and clairvoyant.” (Steve Martin); “A disposable darkroom, inside a joint with many heads.” (All Them Witches); “Let be be the finale of seem.” (Wallace Stevens); “The tree – the tree is three. Gamma-Gimmel-G, Gamma-Gimmel-X” (Sun Ra).; “Best Witchcraft is Geometry To the magician’s mind- His ordinary acts are feats To thinking of mankind.” (Emily Dickenson).   Let’s all do our best to keep the crazies on their elbows.

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