Today, you are a member of … The Antidote of Galactic Cyclones


Sometimes Members, looking straight into the chaotic heart of unpredictable flow can grant a bit of existential awe rather than the grim fuckin-As produced by the dumpster fires we’ve had of late.  Take NASA’s Juno mission – a bit of space mechanics that recently flew close enough to Jupiter’s South Pole to show a churning mosh pit of cyclones some 600 miles in diameter.  Juno’s readings also blew the lid off of previous extrapolations about the mad red giant’s magnetic field – measuring 7.766 Gauss, which, translated into lay terms means more attractions than Las Vegas has showgirls. So this week, Members, don’t settle for just any display of disorder. Ride the wheels of confusion to elevations promising nothing less than a galactic magnitude of maelstrom. It will make the dumpster fires look momentary and lacking in their finitude.

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