Today, you are a member of … Chickenshit, Bullshit, or Horseshit?

the difference between tool dick asshole

Deciphering whether you are dealing with chickenshit, bullshit or horseshit, Members, requires further identification of whether you are dealing with a tool, a dick or an asshole.  A tool is simply subterfuging to save his own ass, so he makes some chickenshit and hopes you swallow it.  A dick has vision for his fraudulence and tends to shower you with bullshit epic in magnitude, and though entertaining, wholly vapid in substance.  An asshole, not satisfied with tool status and fervently desiring of dick’s reputation (but who lacks the vision to be one), presents chicanery in a solid yet demoralized pile of horseshit.  This week, Members the excrement may be high, but that’s no reason not to be analytic about it.

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