Today, you are a member of … Do Computer Screens Dream of Bitmap Sheep?

do computer screens dream of bitmap sheet?

“Electrical things have their lives too, paltry as those lives are” – Philip K. Dick. Perhaps remember that this week, Members, now that Senate Republicans OK’d nonpermissioned mass storage and dissemination of your personal data, like so much gossip at a water cooler. The only difference is, the disher (in this case, not Jeremy from accounting but internet service providers) will get paid to sell off your delicious rumors, like the time you did an extensive internet search on the long-term effects of LSD, or the digitally recorded evidence of that strange rash, and the credit card digits you used to buy that industrial size box of lube. Oh what obfuscation fun we might have if everyone just started using random names like “Paul Ryan” or “Mike Pence.” A screen can dream, can’t she?

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