Today, your are a member of … Concept Crowbars


Here’s a concept members:  concepts sometimes need crowbars.  In that a concept is something like a category bag we walk around with, throwing things into said bag intermittently, depending on a variety of biases and desires that we also walk around with, or that are foisted upon us by the powers that be, twitter feeds, cereal boxes, our id, ego and superego, and occasionally a jackass or two.  This, of course, means that there is nothing iron-clad about thing X ending up in category X by dint of its Xishness, since Xishness is of a sometimes random, sometimes weighted nature.  This week, there are going to be plenty category bags (some yours, others not) into which you’ll stick your hand and pull out some crazy shit. And the crazy shit is gonna wanna crawl back in.  So be sure you have a concept crowbar handy and watch out for bag hand.

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