Today, you are a member of … Cult or Religion?


Cult or Religion, Members? If you had to choose which of said organizations you’d get on with if forced sign up for the apocalypse, which would it be? Let’s first look at words, since words tell us things. Cult comes from the Latin word cultus, “to care and worship,” whereas religion, has as one of its roots “religare” to bind fast in obligation.  Now let’s look at the costumes, since costumes show us things. The most widely so-called “cults” in the popular lexicon are the cults of the Roman Gods and the imagined cult of the Church of Satan, with the Roman “flamen” or priests sporting skull caps and heavy cloaks, and Satanists portrayed as voguing in really bitchen capes and some sort of horned animal skull accoutrement.  And probably the most recognizable religious stylings comes in the form of the mitre hat and alb on the catholic side and the burka and keffiyeh sheik hat of the muslim side. And what about exits? On the cult side, you just aren’t allowed to leave most of the time unless you sneak away or drink the kool-aid. On the religion side, sometimes you can leave, but you already drank the kool-aid so damnation follows you around like a overly suspicious stork clerk when you go grocery shopping in your Black Sabbath t-shirt. Neither choice seems like optimus prime, truth be told. So this week, if you find yourself without an opt-out, get your double agent action on and ask yourself, which could I fake better? Or maybe just decide what kind of heretic you are.

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