Today, you are a member of … The Galactic Folio of 1623

Lady Macbeth and her spot

This week, Members, on Monday at at 6:55PM PDT, Juno achieves perijove, its closest orbit to Jupiter’s center, cruising at a mere 2,200 miles above Jupiter’s cloud layer  – closer than New York is to Los Angeles. Eleven minutes and 53 seconds later, it will be 5,600 miles above the Great Red Spot – closer than Moscow is to the outer burbs of Melbourne. Yes, Members, that’s right: SCIENCE!

And for those of you who shake an ideologue’s head at the achievements of Juno being in orbit for more than a year, and logging more than 71 million miles, Lady Macbeth is your muse. Like her, your somnambulist conscience mutters “What need we fear who knows it, when none can call our power to account?” And like the Queen, you answer yourself: “Yet who would have thought the old man to have had so much blood in him?”

Members know: The folly lies in thinking you can unsee the spot, where hurricanes, not gods, be.

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