Today, you are a member of … Goat Glory

May Queen

Let’s take a break from religion, shall we Members?  That shit’s been co-opted six ways to Satan on Sunday anyhow.  Yes, yes, some of you folks with organized propensities will bitterly explain that you aren’t all assholes and plenty of succor is to be found in the bosom of pews, or old books, or leadership figures that look like only half of our DNA. So be it.  But let’s welcome the month of May with a little druidic flare by putting a giant bouquet of flowers in the hands of someone special or dancing around a ribboned pole for a while or chanting to a bonfire in the name of  Walpurgis and Baphomet. For those of you god-inclined, it will make going back to the fold that much more narratively exciting. And for all y’all that know dust is dust –  enjoy a bit of open goat glory before returning to imperium in imperio.

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