Today, you are a member of … Gravity


Betcha the first thing your conscious monkey brain experienced today upon reentering the daily routine of awareness is Gravity.  And unlike the elementalism of carbon or oxygen (two other very important things to our species’ ability to come up with ideas like Doritos and Planck’s Constant), Gravity is the very evolutionary envelope in which the bubble of our being is allowed to exist.  And yet, Gravity doesn’t get the flourishes of faith or the sanctimonious garlands of authority that we so typically bestow on the more familiar compulsories in our lives like religion or capitalism. Though more reliable that either of those two social constructs (the FCC can’t revoke Gravity’s ‘neutrality’ and screaming ‘fake news’ will not make a hammer fall faster than a feather on the moon), Gravity tends to be forgotten. So this week Member, remember: we are all fairies that wear gravity boots so get on out there and regale in the weight that makes us stick to the Earth.

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