Today, you are a member of … Hacking Away

So, Members, here we find ourselves in the ridiculously titled post fact world.  No use for scare quotes because, anything and everything is in quotes. And if opinions are indeed like assholes, we are living in a carload of assholes, careening in a jerky-jerky fashion down the road to the future, with only necrotic delusion at the wheel. But no matter how many proponents of such disinformation claim this world to be, no matter how many critics despair this ideological stance (yet still use its terminology), one thing undoes them both: A good hack. “Hack” is one of the better words in the English language not only because of its onomatopoetic succinctness, but because of the range of action it denotes: both a blunt chopping and finely-executed stealth infiltration. A hack, by dint of its weaponization, skillfulness, or eventuation is factum.  So…not saying we need to go Jack Torrence on their ass; or even that we all need to join the Cult of the Dead Cow, but this week, if someone tries to unfact you, show them just what undeniable is.

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