Today, you are a member of … Illas

godzilla king kong

Remember, Members: It ain’t so hard to put on a gorilla suit and walk around asking everyone to kiss your 800-pound ass.  Just be warned: sooner or later Godzilla is gonna show up. And you know who wins when that happens? The nerd alien simians from the third planet from the black hole who control Mechagodzilla. And you know who wins when Mechagodzilla shows up? King Ceasar, the rather androgynous and athletic catdog who joins forces with Godzilla to quash the uptick in marauding jerks. So this week, no matter, what kind of illas befall your path, know that the pantheon of kaijus is extensive and in no way lacking an ally or two. Your sūtsumēshon and takusatsu will be waaaaaaay bigger in league and Brobdingnagosity than any clichéd halloween costume.

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