Today, you are a member of … The Sheep in Android’s Clothing

Jenny Lawson's Totes MaGoat created by Jeremy Johnson | Meddling With Nature

Wax museums, taxidermy, the uncanny valley.  This week, Members, the androidian question of what exactly the difference is between electric sheep and authentic Nubian goats will be pondered, re-pondered, and pontificated upon. Though ours is a world where the notion of fake is weaponized, we still laugh when celebrities take selfies with their wax doubles. We seem to approve of substituting as many C’s as possible with K’s that soon ‘crank’ will be ironically rebranded as ‘krank’.  In 2016, 17.1 million cosmetic plastic surgery procedures occurred in the United States alone, with a price tag of 16.4 billion, but a single, free abortion is still taboo. In short, Members, if this week you find yourself adrift on an unending ocean of seem, know there is a land mass posed by the Magician’s dilemma: insisting your illusions are real is somewhat a necessity for success, but pretending with too much gusto turns your tophat into a clichéd rabbit hole.


image: Jenny Lawson’s Totes MaGoat created by Jeremy Johnson | Meddling With Nature

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