Today, you are a member of … Something Other Than Outrage or Animism

j'accuse phillipe

Around this time back in 1898, something called the Dreyfus Affair got wrangled in to the light by one Émile Zola, who had the vision to write a ostentatious accusation against the French government in the form of an open letter in the L’Aurore newspaper. Known by its headline – “J’Accuse!” – it’s outrageousness prompted the French Government to sue for libel, a move which back-fired because it made all their documents exposing the allegations of treason against Alfred Dreyfus as false and fueled by anti-semitism subject to the public record. Also today, we look toward a groundhog to predict the weather.  Is there anywhere for our monkey brains to land between Outrage and Animism? This week, Members, let’s find out.

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