Today, you are a member of… 128.26 AU (1.919×10_10 km)

Oh the icons, Members. Signifying collective experience so meaningful to some, so meaningless to others. Outrageously garbed in their high hair and pomp and circumstance. Inflated and palimsested to the point of thin films easily punctured. This week, why not go totally way out with your representations and forgo the human celebritized kind for that of a tin can, expert at gravity-assists, floating out in the vastness of intersteller space, well beyond the heliosphere, modestly existing as the farthest object from our blue marble populated with politics and trick ponies. On September 5th, 1977, you left an earth somewhat different than the one we have today and are still talking to us after 37 years, hope indeed for humanity. Sail on, Voyager.

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