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Lotta 5s this week, Members. Kind of a good looking number – a little more substance than 1, but not as hot as 9. And sure, you can focus on this week’s starfish nature, or it’s satanic overtones with all its pentagraphic voodoo or it’s perfect 3:2 frequency and harmonic abilities, or it’s Einsteinian Primeness, having no imaginary or real part in the form 3n minus 1, or get on your knees and pray 5 times a day to limited visions, or do a little research into the Keating Five and reaffirm the empire never ended, or make Kikunae Ikeda proud and Umami out, or even plead the fifth. But whatever your numerological bent, use all your gears, look hard enough to see all planets visible to the naked eye, and and turn all that is ether into quintessence.

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