Today, you are a member of… 2009 : THE YEAR OF ANALOG

2009Here’s thing about analog members, and about the new year: 1) Analog is a signal that is continuous in time and amplitude, so it’s sustained; 2) Analog media, at optimum performance, has high fidelity to whatever noise it’s trying to put out there and 3) Analog is old school. To help you in your coming analog pursuits are the patron saints of the new year, two of the most analog inventors that ever lived: Wilbur & Orville Wright. At Kitty Hawk, they defied gravity with some spruce wood, a bicycle shop engine, and some funny ideas about controlling row, pitch & yaw – and not a single microchip to be found. So in this, the last year of the oughts for a very long time, members are commanded to put it out there in sustained, hi-fi, old school style. And if anyone along the way charges you with being retrograde, tell them firmly: “I am an enthusiast, not a crank!”

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