Today, you are a member of… 29/32 + X

Let’s talk about heroes, Members. Nothing can be more important than heroes, those weirdos who are convinced something can be improved and do it despite the gravity-pull sentiment that says that’s batshit. Yes, we all can agree: heroes are central. But don’t fall prey to the idea that heroes are as two-dimensional as the vector-drawing renderings you find on the proliferate media networks. Heroes need weirdo allies more than they need branding. Even I, who had a long career of fighting the law and winning (29/32! in your face Supreme Court!), needed one egregiously tall Texan to put me on the bench, 46 years ago today. So this week, Members of the court, remember brands are for livestock, and heroes are there to learn from and perhaps emulate but always and only in all there multi-dimensional complexity.

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