Today, you are a member of… 3:1 Ratio

Yes, members, it’s easy to settle for number 1. It’s solid, contained, familiar – but it can make you sound like a sloganeering egomaniac. 2 is ok, if a little pat: you can tango, drink tea, emulate a certain legume or join a dynamic crime-fighting team. But 3, members, 3’s where the money’s at because it has the power of a ratio. 3 tries: 1 Charm. Or 3 Strikes: 1 Out. 3 men: 1 tub. The now thoroughly hyped 3 wise men: 1 baby jebus. 3 blind mice: 1 kind of evil nursery rhyme. Find a triple singular to meditate on this week, members, revel in the fact that threes often have some grander meaning, available to you if you pay attention. If you can’t come up with one, here’s a comp: 3 smoking men: 1 diva. Figure it out and you’ve figured out your week.

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