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labor holiday

Ah to labor, ah to holiday, Members.  But let’s not let our extremes put us in a stranglehold.  ‘Labor’ comes from the Latin term ‘laborare’ meaning to toil.’ Holiday’ stems from the Old English word, ‘haligdæg’ that means ‘holy day’ or exemption from labor for the purposes of religious festival.  Such dialectics put us in the awful situation of either being in a state difficulty and exertion or sitting solemnly in the worship of a grand other.  Neither seem too appealing.  So this labor day, let’s get rid of the idea that work has to suck and that the only way to escape that suckitude is to thank god it’s Friday.  Thermodynamics says that work is energy transferred from one system to another by macroscopic forces measurable in the surroundings, but why not ensure both systems are your own? This week, make all your days industriously relaxing and definitively free of gnashing and supplication.

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