Today, you are a member of… A Dainty Shot

Sure, you could go all Hulk Hogan impersonating Vishnu this week members. There’s plenty to be ballistic about. However, it might behoove you to take a different strategy, despite the sure satisfaction skull-cracking promises. Why not follow the spatted feet of a great Ohioan – Annie Oakley. She paid off the mortgage of her mother’s farm by shooting game (between the eyes and from ridiculous distances) and eventually toured the US and the World as a national treasure, shooting playing cards thrown high in the air ten times over before they gave in to gravity, all to the amusements of Kaisers, war heros and the general public – among other giant feats. Yes, a dainty shot is not a terrifying avenger, a destroyer of worlds, but it sure beats looking like an outlandish, roided up, spectacle. So members, go get your gun, but leave the blond hair extensions at home.

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