Today, you are a member of… A Hunk of Burning Love

creepmary2Marytrdom is out this week members. No more forehead holding, sighing, or ouchy hats. No more complaining that Colonel Parker won’t let you record the kind of music you’re dying to make. No more demanding, “Go on without me!” No, this week, give up the stake burnings and persecutions, and don’t let William T. Vollman trick you into believing that without wretchedness and deprivation, one will never accomplish anything. Emulate an Elvis without all those yes-men. Be a saint that gets to ascend to heaven intact without getting mauled. In giving up this, the propensity toward sanctimony, you may find yourself on a much needed furlough with a hunk of burning love in sin city. Don’t blow it by obssessing over the prayer beads.

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