Today, you are a member of… A Maudlin Dingo

What is the anti-gun, Members? What can stand in for the opposite (in a crusty old dialectic sense) of that machine whose sole purpose is to deleterously lodge metal in the watery sacks we fancy as our mortal coils? We need something to hold up as an equal and opposing loadedness (yes, intended) to the ballistic ‘code of explode’. It needs to be more than an abstract concept like ‘peace’ but less overused than that tactile feel-good, ‘daisy’. With the assistance of I, Rearrangement Server we can make some intact headway on such a quandary. If we take the 14th century etymological root of gun, Domina Gunilda, and shuffle it about, we get A Maudlin Dingo, which is pretty good opposite of gun. With its loyal, dog-like appearance that appeals to progressives combined with just enough apex predator so have an in with the more conservative, using A Maudlin Dingo to underwrite world economies, republic rights, and civil police activity seems damn attractive. And sure, you may say, “Dear Membership Coordinator, this solves nothing.” To that you would hear applause for your thousand plateaus and the overwriting of opposites, but you’d also hear the peanut gallery say, “Neither do guns.”

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