Today, you are a member of… A Message to You from Your Stuff

There is it, Members. All that stuff you’ve stashed away over the past eleven and a half months of 2013, mindlessly or not, with good intention or bad. It’s peeking over the fence at you, right now. It’s saying, in a low, patient voice: “I hope you understand. I’m not just going to disappear. There’s too much history between us. I might not be as mysterious as Mr. Morrisey but yes, there is an inverse relationship between your attention and my proximity, at least existentially-speaking. Don’t avoid me. Think of me as an opportunity for a scavenger hunt. Who knows what you will find inside all these pandora boxes? Poor quality analog photographs from the 1980s, magenta-tinting yet somwhow charming. Dated but weirdly functional technology like landline telephones or tape cassettes. Chairs no one has sat in for almost a year. Or perhaps that old whammy barred guitar that surely you can hock if need be. Come on over. It will be fun. Just like old times. And truth be told, I can’t do it alone. There’s still time left to do this right. I’ll make martinis. The glasses are right here, afterall.”

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