Today, you are a member of… A Sea of Hats

You know what this is, Members? It’s what ten thousand people not looking at you looks like. All those cell-like things are the hats of a horde of gentleman standing outside Times Square in 1921 looking at the ticker for the latest news on the Dempsey-Carpentier boxing match. It’s kind of relaxing, thinking about so many eyes scrutinizing in a distinctly opposite direction. Such a phenonmenon isn’t just underexposure, it’s the lack of exposure. Imagine what you can do when no one is looking. It’s the freedom of the anti-celebrity stance that allows a stealth as big as the ocean. So this week, rather than striking a pose in hopes of seeing the tide of a sea of hats turn in your direction, remain on the obscure light beyond the consumption of the masses.

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