Today, you are a member of… A Vehicle Called A Tricycle

tr3_02Dear Members: This week, remember a right truism, that ‘three is a magic number.’ I have a great fondness for the number three, since twas the third month of 1901 in which I first bestowed my leadership qualities and robust nature upon this country and upon the executive branch. Said mentioned month is called March – a strong, vigorous, bull moose of a name for any time period. And yet, at present, imposter phrasics such as “In this economy…” and “Bail-out” and “Stimulus Package” wag from the tips of so many tongues as reasons for inferior American behavior that it is making all citizens as ineffective as revolver-waving paintywaist salonkeepers named Schrank. And so, with regard to the ushering in of the most magic of months, let old TR remind you, there is a choice: bull moose or paintywaist, lion or lamb, bull or bullshitter. You decide.

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