Today, you are a member of… Air Raids, Aliens, Armies

This week back in 1942, sombody in the army had a case of “war jitters” and ordered a total blackout of Los Angeles, California, complete with air raid sirens and the 37th Coast Artillery Brigade firing ridiculously calibered machine guns and lobbing baby-sized anti-aircraft shells at a reported “invading Japanese aircraft”. Though probably one of the army’s own air balloons, UFO-ologists love citing this one as the motherlode of proof that aliens 1) exist; 2) they definitely cruise around in “lozenge-shaped crafts”; 3) they care about puny humans; and 4) they can’t outsmart the US armed forces. Lesson for you, dear Member for the coming week: Limit air raid sirens to your techno music, see aliens only in your x-files marathons and relegate your armies to the nonconsumer-driven and decapitalize ilk of civil defense.

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