Today, you are a member of… Aloud vs. Out Loud

Not saying this will jive with what’s listed in old Webster’s, but there’s good reason to say – at whatever decibal level – the difference between ‘aloud’ and ‘out loud’ is important. One means “not mentally, but audibly” and the other means “louder than fuckin necessary.” Websters does’t really come to a conclusion about which means which, in that both can mean either. And to further complicate matters there is deemed only a contextual difference, in that you use ‘aloud’ in formal situations and and ‘out loud’ in informal situations to convey both ideas. Whatever the case, of late, there has been way more louder than fuckin necessary than simply spoken. So your mission this week is to get out there with some Gettysburg address style locution and dial back those that think adverbs need to be explosive to get a message across.

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