Today, you are a member of… Amplification

amplificationWe’re barrelling toward the holidays, members, when perfecting exciting goings-on get kicked to the curb so all eyes, ears, and wallets can be on that behemoth, Santa. Plying family members for gift hints preempts regaling them with the details of recent floaty pen collection acquistitions. Regrettable office party goers forgo Sagittari birthday celebrations. Activities like baking gingerbread men, licking envelopes on holiday cards, and visits to the UPS store eats up time that, in other calendar locations, would be devoted to individual glory and acheivement. Well, not this year members. The Powers of Amplification are now at your disposal, as both electrical engineering feats that make your signal stronger and as rhetorical acts and means of extending your thoughts or statements to increased effect. So, go: eat, drink, be merry and rachet up the volume on announcements concerning non-holiday-o-ramas. People will be delighted as a duck with a doily at the distraction.

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