Today, you are a member of… Amplification

snappySure onomatopoeia are easy utters, but doing what said lingua franca signifies takes work, members. Booms, snaps, poofs, and zips are deceptively simple and fun tongue rides yet all that whizzing and banging belies the actual force it takes to muscle up such action. So this week don’t don’t trust the signifier and hunt down the signified. Instead of tweeting about booms, do some heavy reading on explosives; don’t claim to zip, but think hard about what F = MA means; and if someone tells you to snap out of it, for the love of shazzbutter do some snapping in real time to give them the power behind the pith. After all, an erg is just a three letter word, but a unit of energy and mechanical work required to move ten micronewtons exactly the distance of one centimeter is the back bone of the metric system of physical units. This week, dig the detail, turn your knob to 11, and forget the 140 character limit.

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