Today, you are a member of… Ape Shit

Did you know, Members, that as recently as last week, Fermilab, the Batavia Bomber or High Energy Physics, made proof-of-principle for digital communication via neutrino? Think about that, Members. For at least a nano second. We hairless apes have now taken the first steps toward getting subatomic particles with not the slightest interest in matter to piggyback our text messages. It’s enough to make even the most rabid creationist blogpost, ‘Hell yeah!’ So what might the 113 scientists who performed the digital-age equivalent of Edison’s phone experiment do this week? Is there a bar or golf course or nice restaurant or rollar coaster ride in Illinois that even comes close to the thrill of knowing their work contributed to potential intergalactic communication? And just like them, this week’s rest and relaxation might not be as attractive as continuing to go apeshit with your favorite calculus pencil. So sure, enjoy a juice under an umbrella in your deep V lab coat and Ray-bans, but don’t leave the set just yet.

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