Today, you are a member of… Arc Eclipsed

circleCircles are crazy, brilliant things in that they got as much threat as they do elegance. On the darker side, circular logic lurks – the act of proving something you presuppose won’t win you any points with Aristotle. Then there’s your mamma’s warning about what comes around goes around. Black holes are pretty circular and pretty scary. On the what’s up side, the circle of fifths shines in all its chromatic scale beauty. And thanks to Chinese mathematician Yang Hui and inventor/gadfly Ben Franklin, the Magic Circle shows just how fun the predictability of numbers can be. But members are savvier than all that. As such, you’ll find yourself going circular in ways irreducible to the up/down yawn, like memorizing as much as you can of pi – that numeric weirdo that goes on forever representing the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter – or maybe just reciting Wallace Stevens’ ninth stanza: ‘when the blackbird flew out of sight, it marked the edge of one of many circles.’ Which means, of course, this week you got circles in spades, so to speak.

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