Today, you are a member of… At Least

Math is Magic, Members. That is to say Math is completely knowable and understandable. Math is both abstract and concrete. Math is both meticulously, crazily precise, and generative of megaloads of fuzzies like probability and feasiblily. Take Non-Deterministic Polynomial-Time Hard Problems, or NP-Hards – problems AT LEAST has hard as the hardest problems in Non-Deterministic Polynomial-Time. See what Math gets to do here? It uses itself to figure out how much it needs to work to solve something. Such classic NP-Hards are the traveling salesman problem (How do I from here to there to out there and back without making my dogs bark?); the Halting Problem (the perennial question: Will this ever stop?); and the Boolean Satisfiability Problem (that nagging, Can this possibly be true?). Regardless of your SAT scores, this week is one for figuring out the given “at leasts” and working back from there. Such feats of math mimicry will make you verifiable and algorithmicly sound.

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