Today, you are a member of… Aye

iHere, now, in the ninth year of the 21st century, what better time to give the ninth letter of the alphabet its due? Nary is there a character that works harder: it’s got nine billion Google hits; it’s what drives the blogsphere in general and Facebook in particular; it’s the iota you reserve when you don’t give one; it’s the Imaginary Unit that gives real numbers – and people – complexity; it’s a brand icon for a company represented by fruit; it introduces with certainty Ozzy’s gutteration of nuthouse transportation; it is the hearty mast from which Melvilles and Chers alike unfurl to the world the flag of self. But perhaps most significant of all, this week, I is the captain of the word ‘Inauguration’. So ready your best boatswain hollar and bone up on your knot tying – the great blue deep awaits, matey.

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