Today, you are a member of… Bandita

What if, instead of some fat guy depositing a bunch of objects with questionable use in your living room every December 25th, Christmas was a time when a gang of time bandits busted into your house and left envelopes of past or future times? Would you wish for a Led Zeppelin concert, circa 1970? Ford’s Theatre, Washington DC, circa 1865? Perhaps a future world of 2093 where surely robots do our social network posting for us? Or maybe you’d wish for just three hours ago, so you could have waffles instead of pancakes. If such was the case, Members would know how to best leverage time gifts. So this week, just in case Santa gets ousted by a set of hard-drinking dwarves with spacetime mobility, start thinking of time as not a constraint, but as a weird gift that may or may not fit.

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