Today, you are a member of… Beam On Up

Cantilevers, Members. They are high fashion, high architecture, and, thanks to Hugo Junkers, high-flying in the form of the mono-jet. Who needs braces? Not Lady Gaga that’s for sure, who happens to turn 30 this week. Cantilevers are successful and not lethal because of either bolt-action, extension physics or something called the Robin Boundary Condition that cantilevers by adding a dash of spring into multivariable functions and partial derivatives. So this week, if you find yourself hanging out somewhere, somewhat akin to Wile E. Coyote prior to allowing the rules of gravity to take over, you may also find that in fact the rules of gravity and the tricks of physics we use to defy said rules are what’s holding you up. So beam on, Members. Beam on.

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