Today, you are a member of… Bear Fury

steamhammerWe’re in it now, members. February is here. The shortest month it may be, but a hammer of the gods it well is. And this, its first week will be no less than a steam hammer, compressed, power-driven and in the business of forging that part of your head that will remain unshaped no more. Like Ivan in the Russian fairy tale, Morozko (aka Jack Frost) whose head turns into that of a bear after a misguided attempt at machismo, your head may well resemble that which you had intended to kill off and dollars to donuts it will scare the bejesus out of everyone. To turn February’s mechanical work into kinetic energy, you have two choices. Lie dormant, dividing your new HeadMassSpeed and wait for force amplification. Or understand a bear noggin as a type of Norse clan armor, who with their bear skin coats did not go quietly into that good night. Whether your strategy is to go into hibernation or go berserker, know this: with a little bear fury you may bow to February’s intensity but you’ll damn well make it out with your head intact.

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