Today, you are a member of… Black Hole Insurance Policy

planbJanuary 8, 1942: man is born, man becomes scientist. At some point he decides Astronomy (the study of celestial objects) ain’t big enough and turns to Cosmology (the study of the unvierse in its totality). Man writes a best selling scientific book (wha?) and makes a life’s work out of getting quantum gravity to work with black holes. In 1997, man has moment of weird, arrogant modesty, and makes a bet with a colleague in direct opposition to that life’s work: if black holes don’t exist, man gets four years’ subscription to Private Eye. If black holes do exist, colleague gets four years’ subscription to Penthouse.This week members, make like Stephen Hawking and come up with a Plan B. But unlike the dear Professors Hawking, conceive of something a bit more stellar than trashy yet irresistable British tabloid fare.

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