Today, you are a member of… Boo-nanas

Yes, Members, this week starts off with the Boo and the Eek and Spoooky, which is all fun and games, but an important bulletin that must be posted. Ladies, if you are contemplating the donning of a “Sexy Whatever” costume, please refrain. Because there are quite a lot of truly frightening things out there – freewilluterusaphobia, fraternity/sorority monsters, the appeal of Billy Joel – and the flabby, ghastly, uncomfortable reality of gender roles is one of them. What’s even more terrifying is that half the time we walk around in them anyway, without thinking about them or really even liking them, it’s just that everyone else is doing it. Indeed, try not going down the road of bolstering those things hideous (not to mention the unintentional hornet’s nest of walking around in an unsolicited assertion) but if you do, why not add an absurdist twist? Be a “Sexy Nurse – that is a Banana” or a “Sexy Werewolf – that is a Banana” or “Sexy Donald Trump – that is a Banana.” Because if anything, Halloween invites creativity. So don’t let the genuine terrors tamp down your flare just because you’re too lazy to call a banana a banana.

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