Today, you are a member of… Bugging Out

Feeling spineless? Like others consider you pestilence? As if trapped in a large swarm of hive-minded antropods? Well it ain’t all bad being an insect, members. Sure you have to deal with the distain of larger animals and for the most part your fellow insecti have no interest beyond eating, fucking and the futile avoidance of death, BUT you are part of the most diverse scientific kingdom which represents more than half of knowns species. Now that’s juice. Also, the numerous ommatidia of your compound eyes sparkle when they pick up a particularly large angle view and impossibly fast movement. But best of all, as exoskelatinous, chitinous-armored creatures, you get to MOLT – that means busting out of the old into the new with a hyper complex set of locomotive wings. So this week, contract those timbals, use the antennae evolution gave you, and leave the larve stage behind.

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