Today, you are a member of… Check It

chuckdWhat makes a Public Enemy, Members? The FBI defines it as a classification term synonymous with ‘fugitive’ or ‘notorious gangster’ used to describe that ilk of high profile criminal already charged with a crime and usually on the lam. Sounds reasonable until you peek into its history, where you’ll find J. Edgar Hoover and Frank J. Loesch using it to whip up public outrage over a tiny portion of the criminal population. Which is why the amalgamated rap of Chuck D, Flava Flav, Terminator X, and Professor Griff is so refreshing: ‘the minute they see me / fear me / I’m the epitome / a public enemy / used abused without clues / I refused to blow a fuse / they even had it on the news / Don’t belive the hype.’ That said, this week crank up the anti-hype because, dear members, every once in a while, getting a head check from the hard rhymer circa 1988 is exactly what’s needed.

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