Today, you are a member of… Contrapositopia

ContrapositopiaFeeling uncertain? Remind yourself, you are very much a member of Contrapositopia. Yes, it’s a world where logic is defined by the crayon-thick lines of catagorical propositions, rather than the watercolors of the hypothetical. Here, The Truth is only a simple gymnastic exercise away. Just use the contrapositive to affirm or deny, categorically, any statement and figure out what you do and do not know. Achieve the magic of the contrapositive by turning the proposition on its head and inside out: If I think, then I am; contrapositive: If I do not think, then I no longer am. It’s neat and it’s tidy. It’s satisfying in its addictive, immediate reference and tautological saftey. It’s used as a default by many religions and world leaders. Who needs the hypothetical, with its indulgence in theory and exploration? It’s open ended What Ifs? It’s correlations and multiple phenomena? It’s cracked notion that, unlike pie and the ABCs, truth is a symphony that is as far from simplicity and dogma as you can imagine?

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