Today, you are a member of… Creatures At Dawn

Have you ever spotted creatures at dawn, Members? If you are in the west, maybe an early morning coyote padding off in to the horizon toward their den to sleep off the sun, just after throwing you an over the shoulder glance that says “your fence means nothing”; or if you are in the east, maybe a racoon, with whom after you lock eyes, stubs out their cigarette and wiggles through an impossibly small hole in your fence; or for those of you in the city of cities, those subway rats that really don’t give a shit what time it is, since their clocks are set to garbage-swelling rush hours and the light train lights rather than the sun or the moon; or in more suburban areas, that shrilling chatter of all those dang birds waking up. These sightings all serve the same purpose: they tell you that while you sleep and while it’s dark whole sets of transactions are happening, whole ecosystems swirling on, oblivious to your closed eyes. So if, this week, you find yourself afraid of the dark or terrified of some midnight wraith, stake them out in the crepuscular light. You’ll find them, looking no less strange but really, just minding their own business.

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