Today, you are a member of… Disco Ball Go Boom

discoCelebrity freakout is nothing new members; anything the likes of Britney, OJ, Phil, Lindsay, and Paris can serve up is nothing compared to Nero or Caligula. The difference is, today everyone is witness – not just your fellow Romans. And if it’s anything we are as members of the kingdom of overstimulated eyes, it’s watchers. When Phil Spector holds a gun “which resulted in that gun entering Miss Clarkson’s mouth while in Mr. Spector’s hand” or when Britney shakes her newly plump rump without the required enthusiam, it’s a relief. No foreign cultures to understand or difficult words to pronounce no failed wars or plutocrats in office. After all, it’s easier to stare as the disco ball blows up than to turn our gaze toward democracy or the limbs of our service men and women as they go boom. And yet as members we have the antedote to such hypnotism. We have have ears. And talking heads other than those on Fox News. So listen and repeat as many times as necessary: This ain’t no party, This ain’t no disco, This ain’t no fooling around. And then go read up on the Nouri al-Maliki’s opinion on the Blackwater security company.

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