Today, you are a member of… Do Overs & Updates

Do-overs and Updates, Members. Even our fine general and Inaugural Mr. President, a man with oil-painted representations featuring one hand raised in civil discussion and the other firmly in a brandishing mode, had caveats, addenda, and codas to his acheivements. Take the U.S. Bill of Rights, that anti-federalist assuagement and all important papery establishment of personal freedoms amending the U.S. Consitution. Yes, the Constitution was good, but decidedly, could be better. And the U.S. Bill of Rights itself is quite a palimpsest, still being batted around in the name of politics and liberty. Point being, Washington sent off the Bill of Rights to Congress today back in 1789 and for you, here in 2015, gives you impetus to feel free to codicil, post-script, rider, and appendage you work. Just be sure to keep the orating and sabor holds in balance.

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