Today, you are a member of… Doubt, Uncertainty, Orange Juice

Hello, Members! Far Rockaway native, Richard Feynman here. Yes, yes – nobel laureate, bongo player, “The Great Explainer” – that Richard Feynman. I may have taught myself trigonometry, advanced algebra, analytic geometry, and differential and integral calculus by the age of 15, contributed to the creation of the atomic bomb, and come up with more predictions for quantum mechanics than you can swing Schrodinger’s cat at, but here’s a stumper: why doubt and uncertainty are considered such monsters. In my view, those states are so much more interesting than being square and having answers that might be wrong. But I get it, wanting the answers to life, the universe and everything is like, a cult or something these days. Well battle on, Members! When faced with the Absolute Answer Army this week, tell them firmly: I GOTTA HAVE MY ORANGE JUICE.

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