Today, you are a member of… Enantiodromia

What’s irregularly shaped, occupies about 502.7 square miles, and got its municipality bonifides on April 4th, 1850? Thats right, Members – Los Angeles, La Ciudad de Los Angeles, La-La Land, Tinseltown, Home of the Dodgers, Hotel California Uber Alles. Where the only flakes to behold do not consist of snow but of people; where valley denizens c.1980 were capable of spawning a new language; where fashion goes to get lazy, expensive, and silicon-enhanced; where mayors and police chiefs have been known to cause riots; where cars are a religion, rivers concrete, and cinema icons given far too much attention, not to mention the benefit of the doubt with regard to rationality and intelligence. And yet, Members, and yet – regardless of its flaws, this week we are all Angelenos, not so much because we are all stars but because in the land where the sun shines with a shrill and relentless infinity, no one is too far from their shadow.

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